What Should I Look for During a Test Drive?

July 6th, 2022 by

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What Should I Look for During a Test Drive?

I Found My Dream Car…What’s Next?

So, you just found the car of your dreams at our dealership—but is it really the perfect car for you? The easiest way to tell is with a Chevrolet test drive, where you get a chance to jump behind the wheel and make sure the ride meets your expectations and that everything works as intended. But is there a special way you’re supposed to test drive—and what should you look for? Stick with us today, and we’ll give you our tips for test driving a car. Also, Head to Morgan Chevrolet in Tampa, FL, to test drive your favorite Chevrolet models.

Don’t Jump in Quite Yet…Take a Good Look First

Wondering what to look for during a test drive? Start by literally taking a look at the car—even take notes if you need—we encourage it. Closely examine the cosmetic exterior details (especially on used models) and look not only for chips and scratches but be on the lookout for leaks or excess wear and tear that looks like it’ll lead to a trip to the service center soon.

Also, test out the doors and trunk to help make sure everything moves seamlessly—and assess if you have enough cargo room for your needs (i.e., can you fit a set of golf clubs in your storage area if you want to hit the links—do you have room for luggage during family road trips?). After a close look, you’re now ready to take a seat inside.

Time for the Fun Part: The Actual Test Drive

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for—the actual test drive where you can sit inside, get your hands on the wheel, and get that ignition purring. Start by powering on the motor—does everything sound normal without unusual idling sounds? Then you’re good to go for the next step.

If you’re driving a manual transmission, like the 6-speed manual found in a Camaro, make sure the shifter effortlessly shifts into gear. Also, cruise at all speeds, parking lot, city, and highway speeds—we get the highway part is the fun portion—but you’ll also want to take intensive mental notes at lower speeds—especially when you turn into parking spaces or make a U-turn. Remember to take your time and assess your notes—make sure this car is the one for the next few years.

Your Next Ride Awaits: Test Drive Near Brandon, FL

Think you’ve found the ultimate cruiser from our online inventory? Now it’s time to head to Morgan Chevrolet near Pinellas Park, FL, and test drive your favorite model. We’ll also help you in any way possible while you’re here, from walking you through tech features like Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ to giving you more tips for how to test drive a car—it’s only the start of how we help as your local Chevrolet car dealership in Tampa, FL.